Security Training

The AkimboCore team regularly run security awareness training courses for organisations looking to teach their staff about common security and privacy threats.

We show your staff how we compromise systems as part of our day-job, and how they can stay safe.

Want to know what we cover? Here's the detail:

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Security Awareness Training Content

Our security awareness course covers a lot, here's a list of some of the things we cover:


Looking at how threat actors develop convincing phishing emails and what can happen when you click a malicious link in an email.

Physical Access

Trespass can be the fastest way to gain access to confidential information and to bypass network security like perimeter firewalls.

Insecure Wireless

Stopping at a café to send some emails? Wondering about the risks of hotel WiFi? We break down common attacks, and how to prevent them.

Passwords and Authentication

Just talking about passwords is boring, so we lead with how password attacks and "cracking" works; before giving guidance on avoiding these risks.

Social Media Use

Social networks are a fantastic tool to build a business and your brand, but they’re also incredibly useful for threat actors looking to target companies.

Mobile Device Security

Tiny computers that we carry around with us 24/7 bring risks of their own, so we dedicate a module to mobile attacks and mobile defences.

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